Seminars and Symposia

See below for details of past and forthcoming videoconference seminars in our regular series. If you would like to join an event, please email one of the co-directors

Seminar Programme


  • Poetry in Transatlantic Translation: Virtual Summer Colloquium Series 

    Monday 17 May, 6pm BST
    Atlantic Conversations 

    Pierre Joris (New York/Luxembourg) "Whose North Atlantic Turbine?" 

    Abigail Lang (Paris Diderot University) "The Transatlantic Conversation: Exchanges between French and US poetries since 1968" 

    Habib Tengour (France/Algeria), 'The Poet-Editor-Translator 'au confluent des deux mers' / 'at the confluence of two seas'" 

  • Thursday 3 June, 6pm BST
    Lo común / The Commonplace 

Reading by Hugo García Manríquez (UC Davis) 

After-words by NAFTA (North American Free Translation Agreement) 

Gerónimo Sarmiento Cruz (University of Chicago), Whitney DeVos (UC Santa Cruz)
& Zane Koss (New York University) 

  • Thursday 17 June, 6pm BST
    Sound & Visual Poetry in Performance: Language is à Virus (Chilean variant) 

Felipe Cussen (Universidad de Santiago de Chile), Anamaría Briede, Martín Bakero, Pía Sommer & Martín Gubbins 

  • Tuesday 29 June, 6pm BST
    Networks, Magazines & Materials 

Jèssica Pujol (Universidad de Santiago de Chile): “A Performative Forum: Women, Body & Memory in Foro de Escritores Chile/Writers Forum London” 

Rebecca Kosick (Bristol University): “Mail Art and Postal Poetry: Tracing Aesthetic Exchange in 1970s Transatlantia” 

Juan Francisco Rangel Yáñez (Colegio de México): “Poetry and/or Revolution: Social Dynamics of Translation in El Corno emplumado/The Plumed Horn (1962-1969)” 

 All events are free but registration is necessary. 

Presented by Bangor University, the University of Sheffield, theContempo Centre for Contemporary Poetry and the Centre for Poetry & Poetics. Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy. 

Contact: Zoë Skoulding (Bangor, & Dan Eltringham (Sheffield, 

  • 19th April 2021 5pm Fiona Cameron, book launch (Knives, Forks and Spoons) and interview with Zoë Skoulding (in collaboration with Y Llechan)
  • 15th March 2021 5pm Rebecca Tamás in conversation with Fiona Cameron (in collaboration with Y Llechan)
  • 15th February 2021 5pm Amy Cutler in conversation with James Wilkes (in collaboration with Y Llechan)
    • Dr. Amy Cutler is a writer, filmmaker, and artist who works with ecology, vocabulary, and public geography. Since completing her PhD in cultural geography and experimental British poetry, she has brought this textual focus to the fields of live cinema, sound art, and multi-media performance, particularly the narratives which structure our environmental experiences. She has developed her methodology between her various disciplines (geography, literature/poetry, sound, and experimental film), and it includes field recording, post-processing, singing, and even machine learning/AI. Her works are tied together by an interest in the granular deconstruction of the voices of science and environmental knowledge, and a splintering of the monologic force of the human, with its definitional acts of language/mastery. She is currently an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths, where she teaches audio-visual composition and philosophies of the nonhuman.
  • 13th October 2020 5pm Anthony Caleshu and Rory Waterman (hosted by Plymouth University) Poetry and Covid 19
  • 9th November 2020 5pm Richard Parker, Jeff Hilson, Robert Hampson, Ágnes Lehóckzy and Zoë Skoulding (hosted by Bangor University) A Colloquium on Jeff Hilson and launch of Organ Music with Crater Press.


2nd June 2020 – Iain Sinclair – BLACKBAG TOURISM and THE GOLD MACHINE / Fifty Catacomb Saints and Fever Hammer Yellow (online, hosted by Surrey University, 4:00–5:30pm)
26th April 2020 – Catherine E. Bash (hosted by Surrey University)
10th Dec. 2019 – Ann Matthews and Kittie Belltree (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
7th May 2019 – Matthew Carbery (hosted by Plymouth University)
26 March 2019 – Sandeep Parmar – Race and UK Poetry, with a reading from Threads (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
4 Dec, 2018 – John Wrighton, ‘Denise Levertov – Poet in the World’ (hosted by University of Brighton)
23 Oct, 2018 – Peter Hughes, Live in Europe, (hosted by Bangor University)
22 May, 2018 – Ulli Freer, RECOVERY, Reading, Launch, Talk (hosted by Surrey University)
12 February, 2018 – Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, ‘The Gift, the Wager, and Poethics’ (Newman University, Birmingham)


5 December, 2017 – Jeremy Over, ‘Ron Padgett’s poetics of wondering and wandering’ (Aberystwyth)
21 November, 2017 – Sally Willow (Westminster), Mary Jacob (Aberystwyth), Fiona Cameron (Bangor)
25–28th July, 2017 – Annual General Meeting and Residential Bid-Writing Workshop, Aberystwyth University
7 July, 2017 – ‘Contemporary British and American Poetics: the trans-Atlantic avant garde’ Contempo Seminar at English: Shared Futures
22 May, 2017 – Larry Kearney, ‘Wallace Stevens and the Anguish of the Particular’ (Surrey)
25 April, 2017 – business meeting, Contempo co-ordinators
14 March, 2017 – Prof Tim Woods (Aberystwyth), ‘The Boston Poetry Renaissance, 1948–1955’
21 February, 2017 – Philip Terry (Surrey), ‘Bad Times
29 November, 2016 – Julia Fiedorczuk and Gerardo Beltrán (Warsaw), ‘The singing body: from “Song of songs” to contemporary Ecopoetics’ hosted by Bangor University
15 November, 2016 – Prof. John Goodby (Swansea), ‘Mixing it / striding on two levels: between avant and mainstream’ hosted by Brighton University (seminar postponed – new date tba)
18 October, 2016 – Dr Mandy Bloomfield, ‘Oceanic Poetics’ hosted by Plymouth University
20 July, 2016 – Annual General Meeting (invitation only), 10.30–12.30
24–26 June, 2016 – Transatlantic & Comparative Poetics Symposium, hosted by Bangor University
08 April, 2016 – Contempo scholar, John Wrighton, ‘Denise Levertov: A Trans-Atlantic Pilgrimage’ paper presentation at “Poetics: (The Next) 25 years”, State University of New York at Buffalo.
15 March, 2016 – University of Surrey Contempo Inaugural with Alice Lyons, 5.30–7pm


10 November, 2015 – French Algerian poet, Samira Negrouche, and Zøë Skoulding perform from their latest poetry collections (hosted by Aberystwyth University, and included in the program as part of the annual College of Arts and Humanities, Research Celebration at Univ. of Brighton)
20 October, 2015 – Gavin Goodwin on the work of Mark Nowak: ‘Mark Nowak and the Poetics of Activism’ (hosted by Aberystwyth University). Mark Nowak will take part in this session by video- link from New York
07 May, 2015 – Dr Stephen Voyce, “Poetic Community”: International seminar with University of Iowa (hosted by University of Brighton).
19 March, 2015 – Postgraduate Symposium: The Avant-Garde Masterclass. (jointly hosted Aberystwyth-Bangor-Brighton)
24 October – ‘Ameoba Twins’ – Multimedia Performance Poets: Olga Pek (Czech Republic) and Zuzana Husárová (Slovakia) (hosted by Bangor University)
06 May – Ken Edwards, poet and editor, Reality Street Press (hosted by University of Brighton)


01 September – International Roundtable. ‘Modernist Poetry Criticism and the New Ethics’ organised for the 15th Modernist Studies Association annual conference at University of Sussex.
18 May – ‘Nomadic and Processual Poetics: A Symposium with Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher
This one day symposium will consider the scope and applicability of the ideas of Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher and related poetics, including issues of translation and place-specific writing, in the light of the archipelagic World-and-UK context of the many ‘devolved voices’ of contemporary poetry.
For full details of this one-day symposium, together with the call-for-papers (CFP closed), click here.
07 May – Daniel Shelley Smith, ’Physics and Poetry: Digital and Visual Poetics in Theory and Practice’ (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
25 April – Poetry Evening with Don Paterson. Hosted by Professor Peter Barry and in association with Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Free entry & refreshments. Full details here.
12 December – ContemPo info session and networking at the Aber Research Café from 1–2pm; presentation and chat with Professor Peter Barry and ContemPo postgrad reps (download slides here)
30 October – Poetry’s Public, featuring Canada’s Poet Laureate, Fred Wah, Toronto poet, Hoa Nguyen, and Ryerson University English Professor, Dale Smith (hosted by Ryerson University, Toronto). Download the Video Podcast Flier (PDF)


Symposium: Placing Poetry
Robert Hampson (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
Andrea Brady, Animate Work (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
Damian Walford Davies & Richard Marggraf Turley, Two Poets, One Book (hosted by Aberystwyth)
Jeff Hilson, The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (hosted by Bangor University)
Andrew Miller, Looking Hard At Things: The Chronotope of the Photograph (hosted by Bangor University)
Zoë Skoulding, “Critical-Creative Crossovers” (hosted by Bangor University)
Matthew Francis, Mandeville: A Package Tour of the Medieval World (hosted by Aberystwyth University)


Steve Wilson, “On Magpies, Metaphor and Madness” (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
Matthew Jarvis, London Welshman and the Poetry Revival: Cross-Currents in 1960s Welsh Poetry in English (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
Erin Moure, Poetry in Translation (hosted by Bangor University)
Tabish Khair, “Indian Poetry in English”, (hosted by Bangor University)
Ian Gregson, “Making Call Centre Love Songs” (hosted by Bangor University)
Tiffany Atkinson, “Writing Kink and Particle” (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
Peter Barry, The Fall of Fulcrum (hosted by Aberystwyth University)
Ian Davidson, A Question of Scale: Poetry and New Technology (hosted by Bangor University)


The Centre for Contemporary Poetry has organised several two-day residential symposia with a programme of international speakers and guest poets to explore a specific topic at the nexus of critical-creative practice in contemporary poetry.

In March 2015, Contempo held its inaugural annual postgraduate symposium: students from each of the partner graduate programs present their own readings, ideas, and discussion of their chosen poet.


AVANT-GARDE MASTER CLASS (Postgraduate Symposium) March 2015


POETRY & PLACE November 2009